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Edgar Cayce On The Power Of Color Stones And Crystals

Crystals are excellent tools for programming, because they are natural transmitters of energy, and any colored stone you use can be greatly enhanced by using this method. Colored stones tend to have certain areas they are prone to assist with, although even they can be set and programmed to enhance energies in a specific area of your life. When I work with the colored stones in this way, I like to begin with the knowledge of what the stone is good for in the first place, then allow the programming to enhance those abilities to work in specific ways for specific people.

edgar cayce on the power of color stones and crystals

For example, a client recently contacted me and wanted recommendations for protecting the home. There are certain stones that are naturally prone to this, and one I recommended was Smoky Quartz, because it has the energy of the crystal with the dark smoke color that forms a natural protective barrier. Before sending the stones to her, I sat with them and visualized them in the areas of the home she described. I told her to place one in each of the corners of the home on the top and bottom floors, forming what is called a grid. Then, using the power of imagination, I visualized a white bubble of light sitting over the home, and just as you would do during a healing session, I asked that within this healing light that only that which is of highest good can come through, and that the home be protected and peaceful.

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Drawing on the readings of Edgar Cayce and his own research, the author explores all the mysteries behind gemstones and crystals. Readers can learn to harness the powers of these stones to better attune themselves to the natural and psychic realms of their everyday lives. 350c69d7ab


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