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Come in Mr. Hyde

Here we examine Stevenson's tale of woe

Of Dr. Jekyll and his foe

The fiendish villain to which he was tide

His inner darkness: Mr. Hyde


When Jekyll drank his potion down

Hyde unleashed on London town

Unspeakable acts that would revolt

Murder was the end result


The moral of this tale is clear

Your own darkness do not go near

For it shall consume you too

Best stick to the righteous, good and true


But is it all as we've laid out

Or is there still some room for doubt?

When left unloved our shadow grows

Brought forth by no more than placebo


So don't suppress and don't push down

That upon which society frowns

Rather bring the darkness to the light

And seek the meaning of the night

Then Jekyll's fate need not be yours

As Hyde will surely shed his claws


So when you meet your own Mr. Hyde

Treat him gentle and bid him—come inside

The Ogre

He huffs and he puffs

He rants and he raves

Better look out

Watch how you behave


He's an ogre you see

Not like you and me


He's vile and he's ugly

He shouts and he screams

The rules are just

Whatever he deems


He's an ogre you see

Not like you and me


But inside he's scared

He shouts every word

Fearing his voice won't even be heard


He knew an ogre you see

Just like you and me


He feels so much smaller

Than all those around

He tries to intimidate

Just to stand his ground


He knew an ogre you see

Just like you and me


When pointed out

He cannot believe

How anyone could possibly perceive

He's not the victim here!


As it sinks in

He's shocked to his core

Has he become the thing

He most did abhor?


That ogre you see

Is not really me!


When trampled upon

Our anger does grow

Festering away

Until one day it blows


The ogre we see

Has become you and me


But do not despair

Rather draw him near

The ogre protects

From all that you fear


This ogre you see

Is our own boundary


Brought back into balance

This once brutish boar

Senses himself

And bullies no more


We're all ogres you see

Trying to be free

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