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The Essence of Anarchy

Questions of Consent or Coercion

What does the word ‘anarchy’ actually mean? Perhaps it conjures up images of chaos and disorder in your mind? Is this where anarchy inevitably leads us, or would it in fact take us to a far greater level of societal harmony?

In this book I attempt to distil the very essence of what anarchy is, boiling it down to questions of consent or coercion. I contend that whereas consensual, cooperative relationships facilitate human flourishing, coercive ones are a tree that can only produce bad fruit. The presence of the giant coercive institutions, we think of as governments, gives rise to havoc around the world.

This message is ultimately a hopeful one, as all that is required to throw off the shackles of sickness, poverty and crime, is to consistently embrace the simple morality known to any child.

Book available on: Payhip and Amazon (US), (UK)

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