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The Mything Man

'Behold, God's son is come unto this land'

Not Jesus,

But Dionysus

By Euripides' hand

A virgin bride

Made pregnant by God none-other


Zeus' babe's own mother

Fisherman's friend

Catching 153

Pythagoras Reveals

His Vesica Piscis

Twelve abiding

Around the centre

As spheres kissing

Out from the venter

Teaching parables

Of Prodigal sons

But this one a tale

The Buddha spun

Riding Triumphant

Upon an ass

Inspiring Lucius

For his task

Thirty pieces

The price was paid

But this for Socrates

To be betrayed

Brought before a tyrant

Refusing to yield

King Pentheus angered

His fate was sealed

Bound to the cross

And left to be slain

Held fast by nails

Of pleasure and pain

A seamless garment

Torn asunder

Osiris' body

That Set did plunder

Death, resurrection

And bodily ascension

So many Gods

Have obeyed this convention

Did Jesus walk this earth in flesh?

Or deeper truths does his myth express?

The question upon which to chew:

What difference would it make to you?

An American Preacher in Ireland

Meeting a preacher on the streets of Galway

A young man, a Texan

In an effort to save me

He tells me his story

A rebel

A criminal

He lived life his own way

At least that's what he thought

Till the day came when he'd pay

Locked in a jail cell

A vision arises

The Devil's hands on his shoulders

He comes in so many guises

Shock and horror

He's not his own man!

Satan made him a puppet

And he fell for the scam!

He calls out to God

And is not disappointed

Receiving salvation

He joins the anointed

Tears in his eyes

He tells me the part

He still can't quite take in

But never-less healed his heart

'Impossible to believe

But hearing my plea

If I'd been the only person in the world

Jesus would have died just for me'

Gnostic or Orthodox

Whatever your side

There's something in this

That can't be denied

(Blue Eyed) Jesus Saves

God’s not Petty

Said the YouTube comment

He won’t insist on the ‘correct’ name

It went on

They were talking about Jesus

Or Iesous

As he was known

Not so long ago

Or Joshua

Or Yeshua

Prior to that

Call him what you will

Came the replies

The demons flee anyway

And it’s good to know

You don’t go to Hell

Just for getting the name wrong

Also the image in mind

Doesn’t have to be what he really looked like

For how could we know…

So it’s okay

To have a beautiful blue eye Italian Christ

In visions he may appear that way

So as not to confuse

Such is the goodness of his nature

As for the fate of the unlearned

And those virtuous pagans

Justin tells us living by the Logos is sufficient

It’s the way, truth and life that was before Abraham

We come to the Father through

But just to be clear

We are in no way Universalists!

No sir!

No way!

Only the Real

I used to believe in mathematics

Then I found out Sesame Street was fiction

The Count and the Number 9 just puppets

The Shawshank Redemption gave me hope

But I thought it was a documentary

Turns out Andy was made up Stephen

At least I still have salvation in Jesus

Everyone agrees he really lived

Therapy for The Devil

‘You people are from your father the devil, and you want to do what your father desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies.’

John 8:44

The central theological question is:

Is Satan truly evil,

Or just acting out his pain?

Could he come to heal his hurt,

Or would his efforts be in vain?

If he met his inner child

Would his hatred start to wain?

Would you trust him if he did

Or suspect a feign? 

Could he find redemption

Or has God forever damned him in Hell to reign?

Why is it the central question?

Because it leads to the central question of psychology:

Is evil truly evil

Or is hurt in fact to blame?

This has been the question

Ever since the act of Cain

Are the worst amongst us

Simply acting out their pain? 

Or are their souls just wicked

And irrevocably stained?

Which leads of course to the central question of self:

Is there that within me 

For which I will ever be blamed?

Or is there hope of redemption

And freedom from these chains?

If I condemn even Satan

Then is it possible to claim?

My own sense of forgiveness

And freedom from my shame

If the latter is the case then an eternal lake of fire will probably only exacerbate the problem

If Christ has not been Raised

If Christ has not been raised

Our faith is all in vain

As empty as an empty tomb

If in flesh he never came

Tell Maximilianus

‘Go join the army!’

No point in dying

For a belief so barmy

Tell Wilberforce

‘Rechain those slaves!’

For he has risen

From no grave

Close the charities

Cast out the poor

Every man for himself

Absent our saviour 

Our ethics and morals

Are all for naught

With his history

Cast in doubt

Leave that traveller

There to die

The Good Samaritan

Was but a lie!

Vice and sin

I will embrace

With the resurrection 

Not in time or space

Abandon all hope!

Reject all grace!

If his life

Did not take place

As for the Jesus 

Dwelling in my heart

A mere fantasy

He must depart!

Oh what a terrible thought

Enough to send us crazed

The loss of all Christianity brought

If Christ has not been raised

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