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The Problem of Little Evils

A man stubs his toe

And in that split second of agony cries out: 


‘Where is God!’


‘How dramatic’—The people around him thought

‘Does he not know of the real suffering in the world!





But God himself was troubled by the accusation of inaction

‘If I really am all Good, Powerful and Loving’ 

He thought

‘How is it that I let slide even the slightest of these?’

The Problem of Evil—in Westeros

Lord Walder Frey

Certainly committed a most grievous crime

When slaughtering the Starks at the Red Wedding


George Martin however

Committed no crime at all

In imagining this scene onto the page


Like Rumi said of God,

He painted the breadth of his psyche

Showing both good and evil

Revealing his talent

And our nature


I’m sure Rob and Catelyn

Would forgive him

If only they knew

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