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Measuring the Mandates 

Questioning the State's Response to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 era we heard many claims for the necessity of state action, often with criticism levied at governments who failed to take the bold steps to get the virus under control and save lives. This essay makes the case that this is not true, that the actions of state’s around the world were counterproductive, costing many lives whilst not demonstrably saving any.


This essay is freely available to both download and read online. Readers are welcome to republish or reuse any aspect of it in any manner intended to shed light on the COVID-19 saga. If you find it helpful and wish to support the development of similar content you may make a small donation on PayPal or Buy Me a Coffee.

Download a PDF or EPUB file, or read online here The document is also available on Amazon (US), (UK).

‘I think it might be the most impressive and persuasive piece of Covid writing I’ve read.’ - Bill Rice Jr. Journalist 

‘It is one of the best articles I have read. Truly fascinating, especially about the iatrogenic causes of deaths in certain countries after the pandemic was announced by the WHO.’ - Fran Shure, Psychotherapist

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