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The Indian Wars

With the Indians vanquished at Wounded Knee

The Empire shone from sea to sea

But we could not rest 

Let salt stop this quest

For in far off lands there were more Indians to free 

We needed to liberate Cuban Indians from Spain

Lucky for us—a travesty on the Maine!

We promised them freedom

But that’s not for heathens

So their new masters we became

Far away in the Philippines

We dispatched a squadron of Marines

The Indians of Manila

Turned into Guerrillas

And forced us to liberate them by any means

South of the border, Indians got out of line

Thinking owning their own land was just fine!

So we set up a school

To teach them who rules

And sent them a Condor to ensure they’re supine

In Vietnam the Indians resisted

Through a Phoenix the bad ones were listed

Three million lay dead

Three countries in shreds

Orange and Napalm greatly assisted

In Iraq we had global remit 

Sanctions were harsh we have to admit

The price was steep

Indian life not cheap

But we think the half-million definitely worth it

Now the Great Plains are Afghanistan

The new Indian we call Taliban

Why we’re there no one remembers

Didn’t something happen once in September?

One things for sure—it won’t end in our lifespan

But the last war is yet to be fought 

As empires collapse and lose their support

When the average man finds out we’re bankrupt 

Trillions in debt—his temper will erupt

When austerity starts to be felt

With instructions from Washington to tighten one’s belt

The people of these United States you’ll see

Are the final Indians we’ll have to set free

The Triumph of Democracy


For the Triumph of Democracy

A new king has come

The tyrant must flee

Now the wars may continue

Much as before

But with a commander and chief

Who isn’t a boor

Poverty persists 

And remains unaddressed

But this president—importantly

Talks of progress

The prisons are packed

Slave trade in full swing

But the leader kisses babies

So who wouldn’t trust him?

The new boss has faults

Of course he tells lies

But at least he has the decency

To hide them from our eyes

Drone bombs continue

To kill kids from afar

But this we can tolerate

Just not the porn star!

On sexual assault

We’re actually not fussy

Just please no jokes

About grabbing some pussy

The War on Terror

May have dispossessed millions

But the important question:

Did he contribute with his billions?

No longer will a buffoon

This sacred office defile

We care not for substance

It’s all about style

This God has not failed

That could not be

For his job is protecting 

The powers that be

The people placated

Rejoice from sea to shining sea

The Empire remains

And that—

Is the Triumph of Democracy

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter

Every time comes the hour

We need their vote in elections

To keep ourselves in power

Black lives matter

It’s always been the case

From picking cotton—to prison labour

The negro has his place

Black lives matter

They buy up CIA crack

Funding Contra armies

Whenever Congress gets slack

Black lives matter

In the Congo most of all

For rubber, gold and coltan

We need blacks backs to haul

Black lives matter

We celebrate heroes like Hampton, X and King

Just don’t ask how they died

The investigations were strangely thin

Black lives matter

As we keep COVID at bay

A million starving Africans

Is a price we’re willing to pay

Black lives matter

How else would we carve up society?

Divide and conquer strategies

Require a level of ethnic variety

Black lives matter

But what do black lives matter for?

To advance the march of Empire

Black lives matter for that and nothing more

When the Towers Came Down

A century begins 

A millennium too

Filled with hope 

Of a world renewed

The Cold War long over

Conflicts end

Peace on Earth

Goodwill between men

War no longer

Seemed the choice

Iraq and Serbia

Brought no rejoice

Then the Towers came down

Then the Towers came down

And the Empire is born again

A shock to the system

Shock to the heart

Pillars of strength

Crumble apart

As the Towers came down

As the Towers came down

The cry to war

Is readily received

Far of enemies 

Easily perceived

And love or hate them

At this times like these

Aren’t our politicians to be believed?

When the Towers came down

When the Towers came down

So off we go marching

To Afghanistan

To get Bin Laden

That’s the plan

We don’t need no deal

With the Taliban

But somehow—he escapes

To Pakistan

And wouldn’t you know it…

He’s in league with Saddam

The Empire had to make the most

Of the Towers coming down

Back at home

Security was tightened

Liberties be damned

When people are frightened

The population surveilled

Detention without trial

Torture and assasination

Are the new style

Then before we know it

Iraq in our sights

The war on terror

Grows wings—takes flight

Because the Towers came down

What a gift to Empire

When the Towers came down

Few dared question

The state’s stated script

But a few girls from Jersey

Wouldn’t remain tight lipped

Demanding an investigation

Into what went so wrong

And not just one

Singing the establishment song

Why did the Towers come down?

How did the Towers come down?


Did not explain

Why al-Hazmi and Miḥḍār

Got on that plane


Were asked nothing at all

About the intercepts

Of Al Hada’s phone calls


Had Able Danger

But no one heard

From Colonel Schaffer


Cried civil rights

They couldn’t open Moussaoui’s laptop

They’re whiter than white

And so the Towers came down

And so the Towers came down

The Saudis certainly

Were not asked

Why they’d funded

Part of the task

Condi said 

She couldn’t conceive

Planes as weapons

It’s too hard to believe

General Eberhart

Could not get straight

What time his planes

Got out the gate

George refused

To take the stand

Without Dick there

To hold his hand

(And then only in private and off the record)

Edmonds, Linduer

Binney and Wright

All these people

Kept out of sight

And so we don’t know

We don’t know

Why the Towers came down

We’ll never know

Why the Towers came down

Rupert warned

We’d crossed the Rubicon

Scott described

The road forlorn

Speculation has mounted

Since the fateful day

Who was really to blame 

Did the culprits get away?

Was Bush the architect?

An inside job?

Has conspiracy helped

Or clouded in fog?

For the Towers coming down

For the Towers coming down

In time...

Al Qaeda resumed

Being Empire’s best friend

In Libya and Syria

They made amends

Now twenty years on

A new world has begun

An order of Covid

New lies being spun

The Empire creates myths

Upon which to feed

To centralise power

And service greed

One day the Towers

Will slip out of memory

A new generation

Sent to fight different enemies

And so the Towers

Will pass into history

With what really happened

Forever a mystery

But many awakened

Saw the world through different eyes

The Empire unmasked

Absent disguise

More than two Towers fell down that day

A third building yes 


In another way

Towers of thought 

Towers of perception

Came tumbling down

As we saw through deception

As our Towers fell down

A new world appeared

As our Towers fell down

A resistance began

Millions radicalised

The internet helped 

Exposing the lies

Taking to microphones

A string of new sleuths

Asking the questions

Pressing for truth

New Towers take shape

The Empire’s—and ours

Fight for their place

With unequal power

Yet truth can only

Be on one side

It’s a weapon the Empire

Is forever denied

So the fight goes on

To expose this crime

Like Cheney’s war of terror

It won’t end in our lifetime

Now the Towers are down

Now our Towers are down

A new world emerges

Now our Towers are down

Killing with Kindness

Then Judas the Iscariot said: 


‘Why was this oil not sold for three hundred days’ wages and given to the poor?’


He said this not because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief and held the money bag and used to steal the contributions.

John 12:3-6


When in stories of conquest

You no longer buy

And the promise of security

Is seen for a lie

Then a different song 

We’ll just have to sing

A siren call of compassion

That sounds so warm and nurturing


People in foreign lands

We mustn't neglect

We’re certainly no empire

But we have a responsibility to protect


We oppose foreign wars

Fought for profit and greed

Humanitarian intervention

Is our chosen creed


Millions may die

In our righteous crusades

But our intentions are pure

We come only to aid


We don’t mean to kill

Wars are just hard to manage

Besides don’t call it murder

It’s collateral damage


We care for your children

No child left behind

Under compassionate cover

We’ll control every young mind


We’ll push up your wages

It’s within our power

You might not have a job

But you’re worth fifteen an hour


We’ll look after your health

Just do as we say

Stay home, stay safe

Till Pfizer gives the okay


We’ll go to any lengths

In order to protect

Even if millions starve

As lockdowns take effect


We don’t so much work—as serve

Such is our nature

The extent of our devotion 

To this legislature


We’ll take care of you

All your life long days

Just one demand

Never get in our way


Love is our sword

Compassion our shield

We’ll weaponise both

To ensure you yield


We’ll bring about unity

By imposing our will

And for those that resist

With kindness we’ll kill

Russian Propaganda

You may have heard

Some unkind words

Critique our motives with false candour


Pay no heed

To the lies you read

They’re Russian propaganda


Those pesky Reds

Are back under beds

Engaging in all sorts of slander


That old Bear

Would even dare

Defame our Chief Commander


They say Old Joe

Has got to go

He’s clearly quite demented


What baseless lies

Those Russian spies

Have plainly just invented


In 2016

Hackers intervened 

It’s entirely documented


The coup they arranged

Sent us deranged

Four year of Trump lamented


They cry ‘FREE SPEECH!’

To help them breech

The sanctity of our nation


We used to agree

But speech ain’t free

It’s actually disinformation


We used to say

As clear as day

‘Ukraine is full of Nazis’


Now we know

That just ain’t so

More lies from Putin’s patsies


One more thing

They love to bring

In order to cause a schism


When they pretend to care

For Yemen’s fare

Just shout ‘WHAT-ABOUT-ISM!’


So don’t be deceived 

Don’t be taken in

By baseless lies

By Putin’s spin


We tell you truth

You have no fear

We’d never lie

We hold you dear!


Oh what a ridiculous thing

Yet how useful it has been 

To direct the populous’ dander


When inquisitive eyes

Turn to pry


To the Last Ukrainian

We’ll fight them on the beaches 

We’ll fight them on the shores

We’ll fight those Russians anywhere

Not with our lives—but with yours


We’ll fight them in the East

To stop them coming to the West

We’ll send you all the weapons

So by God do your best!


For well over a century

We’ve had to tame the bear

From Crimea to Kabul

And back home with Red Scares


The Japanese helped out

The Germans knock them for six

The Bolsheviks were the best however

They put the economy in the sticks


The Afghans stung them good

In an eight year war

It may have cost a million lives

But the Soviet Empire was no more


The boys from Harvard took them down

Through ‘structural reform’

By the time they got through

Starvation was the norm


It’s true, NATO has expanded

Moving ever East

Some say it’s aggression 

But we’re just trying to contain the beast!


Now it’s the turn of Ukrainians

To step up to the plate

We may have got you in this mess

But you made such damn good bait


We’ll tell you that you’re heroes

And fly blue and yellow flags

That sounds like fair compensation

For putting your sons in body bags


Don’t ask us to negotiate

Appeasement ain’t for us

Besides life is perfectly fine here

So what really is the fuss?


We appreciate your sacrifice

In service of our grand imperial plan

It’s a worthy thing to die for 

So conscript all those you can


You’ll join the ranks of heroes

Who have stood up to the bear

And when it’s all over—

Then: you’ll see just how much we care 


We’ll fight them on the beaches 

We’ll fight them on the shores

It’s easy to fight with other people’s lives

In our Russian proxy wars

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