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Finding Your Original Face

A Spiritual Approach to Body Dysmorphia

'What did your face look like before you were born?'

Zen Koan

In Zen Buddhism a koan is a paradoxical puzzle; one without any solution which can be put into words. Its intent is to break us free from limiting perceptions, opening us up to seeing reality in a whole new way.


The koan above poses a nonsensical question (of course you didn’t have a face before you were born!) in order to have us reflect on the deepest of questions: who we truly are. This question of core identity is central to all the world’s spiritual traditions and formed the basis of this investigation into body image distress. 

This document is a summary of a study of people who participated in several meditative sessions, taking a transpersonal approach to addressing Body Dysmorphia. It may be downloaded or read online here.

Broken Mirror111.jpg

Artwork courtesy of Emma Keyes

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