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Akbar Simonov
Akbar Simonov


The charming lives of the simple people. The two Ingrahams, far from any hope, separated by a whole country. Cato, with his broken English and broken heart, crouched under a walnut-tree in Walden woods, and felt the cold stones of Concord in his bosom.


The man who first planted, if not the second, the first, or any second, English spruce in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains was Adam Bunch. He had the original idea; for instance, of planting these same spruces on Blue Mountain, which are now much taller. He first set them out in a lot in the ravine at the foot of the slope; and then all came in and took spruce at a dollar an acre. Bunch even planted it in the very bottoms of our brooks. Those trees are thus a century and a half old, standing as they do in the side of a hill, where no spruce has grown for ninety years. That is a rare tree. It is valuable even in a timber sense, but it does not pay very well, for spruces, like other trees, decay so fast that they do not rot, but sour, and the wood falls in rank fungus. Though a soft, ethereal odor, especially when freshly cut, hangs about the tree, it dies down in a few days, and then the air resounds with the bursting of the fruit.

These steel blades for welding, grinding and polishing cutting tools and machine parts were manufactured by the Crown Diamond Tool Company. The cartwheel, type LF, is used for grinding, or grinding the surface of one part of metal to produce smoothness and flatness. The grinding stones are made from a block of carbon steel that is ground smooth to the proper size. The wheel is driven by a hand wheel or a power driven, long handle machine. The hand wheels have a black finish with small hexagonal holes. The wheels are used for finishing the grinding on machine. The machines use standard electric motors with either a cast iron wheel or a set of removable whells to grind the pieces. Iron wheels use side clamping bars to keep the pieces steady.


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