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Zt 811T Download [EXCLUSIVE]

Hi all!I have a ZT-721 Receiver but i don't have the miniCD with driver for XP.I download a Zoran USB TV! Pro Driver but don't work the Audio!!Unique program that support audio is VirtualDub enabling a Playback audio and setup the "0 Capture Device" driver for Audio device. All other program not found audio with Zoran Driver!If you have the original driver for ZT-721 or GP-722, please send me from e-mail: (substitute % with @) Very very very Thanks in advance!!

Zt 811T Download


I have recently downloaded the latest Camguard Home Edition and I cannot get the audio to work. Previous editions worked perfectly and I wish that I had not updated to the latest edition. If I change the device I can get the audio, but the video will not record - a message appears saying "Cannot enable record" If I change the device back, the video records but not the audio.

I have tried to download the new edition again, but it wont install. A message box appears telling "An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file. DeleteFile failed code 5 Access is denied.

Well, I found the disk and managed to get rid of a bug in my PC that was stopping Camguard Home Edition from downloading and I now have video and audio; however, I am unable to record. I still get the message "Cannot enable record" but if I switch the device via the Camguard option button, I can record video but no audio.

i use gp-811t camera but when ever its connected it interfere to thw wirless router some how and i can't connect any of the computers on the network to get online even thow the sinal is goodi'l appreciate any helpjo

Hello, I have the received ZT-721, I already have the driver, but only work under windows xp, I need the driver of ZT-721 to windows Vista, please send me by email: or post the link to downloadMany Thanks

Hialso i have this gp-722 device and lost the mini-cd.When i download from your link the 3 files for XP i cannot get it running.Can you send me the content of original CD or make a link available?

Hy, i have a R-723 reciever, bur i don' have the right driver for Windows Vista. i have dowloaded everything, but it's not workingcan you guys send me a link where i can download de driver?thanks


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