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Adam Ignatov
Adam Ignatov

Download [UPDATED] 1991 Queer Rar

In his short recording career, Klaus Nomi did not have an extensive list of recorded songs, just 27. And only two CDs were released before his death in 1983. Four more compilations have been issued, with so much duplication that I've prepared the "chart" below to sort it out. I think the French CD from 1994 has the most value, with 20 tracks, although you'll find "I Feel Love" only on "Eclipsed." The rarest is the CD single with "Silent Night" and "Za Bak Daz," which surfaced in 1998. And in conjunction with the "The Nomi Song" DVD in 2005 a CD was released of "The Nomi Song - Remixes." It has five tracks, with two mixes of "Total Eclipse," and two of "Mon Coeur," (the Saint-Saens aria) and one called "Coeur Total." The CD is scarce but downloads are plentiful on the net.

Download 1991 Queer rar



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