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Adam Ignatov
Adam Ignatov

Php Tools For Visual Studio 2015

Extended support for SQL Server 2005 ended on April 12, 2016. There is no guarantee that data tools in Visual Studio 2015 and later will continue to work with SQL Server 2005. For more information, see the end-of-support announcement for SQL Server 2005.

Php Tools For Visual Studio 2015

Duties: Using screen shots of the current RCL website, the Fellow will create a digital structural representation of the relationship of RCL web pages to each other. Google Analytics for each page will be reflected using size modeling. The Fellow will research best practices for responsive web design, including image treatment. Websites that model these best practices will be collected and annotated, according to their relevance for the RCL site. The Fellow will create a plan for the structure of the new mobile-friendly RCL site, including explanations of recommended software tools. The Fellow will develop visual models for each of the new type of web pages, including examples for each of the break points. The end result will be a digital portfolio that the Fellow can use to strengthen future employment applications.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) and the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), the Digital Humanities Course Development Stipends support faculty members who wish to enhance an existing humanities course by incorporating innovative digital tools or projects. Awardees receive a stipend as well as pedagogical and technical course development support. We are pleased to announce that Lydia Brandt (Assistant Professor of Art History) and Mark Garrett Cooper (Professor of Film and Media Studies) are the recipients of the inaugural year stipends awarded for 2015-2016.

Qt is a walled garden for cross-platform C++ native application development. We will primarily be using it for its rich windowing toolkit to make powerful UI and manage OpenGL Contexts. Qt comes with two primary tools. Qt Creator is an IDE, and Qt Designer which is integrated into Qt Creator creates UI forms visually. Qt is very popular and widely used in industry and acamedia. You can read more about it and their documentation. 350c69d7ab


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