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Alonso Tretyakov

Quagmire Full UPDATED Movie Download In Italian

In addition to the glorious alpine scenery and urban flavor of Turin (three-time Oscar nominee Douglas Slocombe was the cinematographer), composer Quincy Jones, a seven-time Oscar nominee, supplies a stellar score and bookends the movie with two very different songs. The lyrical "On Days Like These," sung by crooner Matt Monro, plays over the opening credits and beautifully frames Brazzi's idyllic drive along a twisty, scenic mountain road, while the rousing "Getta Bloomin' Move On," with the oft-repeated refrain of "This is a Self-Preservation Society..." (once heard, it's impossible to get it out of your head), helps fuel the car chase. Jones might seem like an odd choice to write music for what is essentially a European picture, but his themes perfectly complement the on-screen action.

Quagmire full movie download in italian


Audio Commentary by screenwriter Troy Kennedy Martin and author Matthew Field - The more lively and interesting of the two commentary tracks, this chat between screenwriter Troy Kennedy Martin and author Matthew Field covers how Martin got the idea for the script, the importance of the film's wardrobe, Martin's disagreements with director Peter Collinson, how Martin made the deal to make the movie with Paramount head honcho Robert Evans, deleted scenes, how Benny Hill's character was altered during shooting, the quagmire over the movie's ending, and why the film wasn't a hit in the U.S. Martin also recalls his lukewarm reaction to The Italian Job upon seeing it for first time and shares some entertaining anecdotes.


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