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[S4E5] Out Of Control

A brief note, but I'll dive into it more below: Chalores is a nickname for Charlotte Hale. In the past, Dolores made copies of herself -- the "self" that exists in her pearl, or control unit -- and put one into a host version of Hale.

[S4E5] Out of Control

In episode 5, we learn that host William (and presumably all hosts occupying the city) have the ability to control humans on a whim. At the start of the episode, host William dines with a couple who believe they are speaking to a friend. But then William reveals he met them minutes earlier, and that he can do anything he wants to them. "When we're done, you won't remember a thing, like your flesh closing around a splinter," he says. "You have no control, and yet, you're so assured that you do." Yep, this is feeling very Westworld-y.

Aunt Lydia is back in Gilead after the handmaids' latest escape. While walking on a treadmill in an aunts common room, she sees new handmaids arrive outside. Excited, Lydia tells her apparent superior, Aunt Ruth, that she's recovered and ready to return to aunt service. To Lydia's dismay, Ruth implies she's been permanently retired. In punitive Gilead, it doesn't quite make sense that Aunt Lydia's only punishment for losing control of the handmaids again is forced retirement, but, perhaps, anything to keep Ann Dowd on the show?

In the aftermath of their harrowing battle against Mayhem and her small army of zombies, the Titans regroup in the safety of S.T.A.R. Labs back in Metropolis, though Conner Kent remains grievously injured from the previous battle. Unbeknownst to his teammates, Conner's wounds run much more than skin deep, and the Titans find themselves on the defensive within their own safe house. With nowhere to hide, the Titans will have to find a way to keep Sebastian away from Mayhem while figuring out a way to restore one of their own back to health and free of the cult's far-reaching control.

The Travelers have access to the ship's records, and reveal that the Lanteans that once crewed the ship engaged in a battle with the Wraith, which resulted in the ship becoming heavily damaged. A radiation leak from the main drives forced the crew to abandon ship. But since they found it, they set up shield emitters circling the radiation's point of origin. He is then taken to the bridge, where Silas, and a scientist named Nevik urges him to sit on the control chair, followed by all the systems activating. Nevik explains it took him two months to build an interface, but was unsuccessful. Now with Sheppard, he could make it work. He then instructs Sheppard to move the ship. However, Sheppard states that Nevik should first tell him to activate the inertial dampeners, and flies the ship without them, resulting sending all his captors flying backwards and incapacitated. He notices Silas carrying a gun, similar to the one Ronon has. He then hijacks the ship and jumps to hyperspace, leaving the Traveler ship behind, possibly to Atlantis. Even though he is in control, Sheppard is forced to relinquish command when Larrin threatens to deactivate the radiation shields, which would mean sacrificing her own people. However, Sheppard shut down the ship, forcing the Travelers to keep him alive, where they take him into a holding cell.

He leads Larrin to the room, where she is then locked in. Sheppard is in the auxiliary control room and tells her that he is going to find his people first. But Larrin points out that her people need the ship more, since she was forced to abandon some of her people, after they lost a ship, and they no longer have any resources to build any more. Having this new ship will solve their population problems. However, when Sheppard still tells her to stay put, Larrin pulls out her weapon and sets it to incinerate setting, which blows a hole in the door and escapes. Sheppard continues to put obstacles in the way between him and her.

Worse, Sheppard and Larrin notice that the three Wraith are directly between them and the control room. Because Sheppard had neglected to turn off the controls, the Wraith can potentially find the control room and take control of the ship themselves. They continue to get into an argument, and Larrin reveals that she only kidnapped Sheppard in the first place because she was afraid he would refuse their help. They then go into hiding from more Wraith, until they leave. Larrin proposes a plan to kill the Wraith; she can lure them into a side of the ship, however, one of them notices something and runs the other way. There, Sheppard fires a single Drone weapon into the section and to kill the Wraith. The plan works, and the Wraith are killed.

After the Wraith leaves, the revived Larrin is grateful for this, and a sexual tension builds between the two, and Larrin seduces Sheppard with a kiss, steals Sheppard's stunner and stuns him. He wakes up in the same corridor, but locked in a room. Larrin, in the secondary control room, tells him that his attempts to alert his people to find him first has failed, since some of her other ships arrived first, by sending probes to all Spacegates in the vicinity of their previous position. Eventually they detected the energy signature. Sheppard's locked out corridor door opens, revealing...

I've been writing about technology for most of my adult life, focusing mainly on legal and regulatory issues. I write for a wide range of publications: credits include the Times, Daily Telegraph and Financial Times newspapers, as well as BBC radio and numerous technology titles. Here, I'll be covering the ways content is controlled on the internet, from censorship to online piracy and copyright. You can follow my posts by clicking the ' Follow' button under my name.

Tarka postulates that someone has created a tunnel through space-time to get the device that controls the anomaly to its current location. (Suddenly that tinfoil hat theory about the anomaly being somehow linked to the "lightning storm in space" in the first of the awful Abrams' "Star Trek" movies doesn't seem quite so crackpot now.) He announces his intention to create a working model of the DMA controller. 041b061a72


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