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Andrew Stewart

Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Crack + Serial Number Free Download

Philharmonik 2 doesnt limit its library to instruments. It can also be used to blend your own loops, to create background music, or to create complete songs that you can then easily loop and use them as your own exclusive or royalty-free loops.

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The Philharmonik system is a very straightforward, if not dull, sample playback environment. From the menus, you have 8 different sections, each offering a playlist for playback. In each of these, you can have 16 parts containing four vocals or instruments (each with its own arpeggiator). Of course, you can play any number of parts with a given section, thus allowing you to create elaborate arrangements.

The only thing I couldnt quite get over was the constant need to reload the samples. In software, I used to only have to do this once for an instrument, but Miroslav Philharmonik requires five separate loads for each section! Sure, you can save the playlist with a different name, but then you have to go back and do the same load-noice. Its a little frustrating, but the situation could be worse: you could be forced to open a serial connection to an audio interface to listen to the samples loaded from a hard drive, or use a dodgy CD-R. Not so with IK Multimedia: you always have a DAW-style sample library at your disposal, at the tip of your fingers, and a fast sample library reload function.

In some ways its hard to understand Miroslav Philharmoniks appeal to some. Yes, its a sampler, but one that comes from the same stable as great film scoring synths like the well-known CS32 and Cosmic Factor. Its samplerless, so you arent forced to use other software libraries to create a stream of multiple instruments. Its also free, which is always good. Its basically a sampler that can give even the best semi-pro level software libraries a run for their money. If youre lucky, you can find a software library capable of loading this sampler, but most music composers must use the free pre-downloaded sounds instead.


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