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Alejandro Graves
Alejandro Graves

M83 Hurry Up We Re Dreaming Torrent [BEST]

The change is particularly obvious when Chung employs vocalists. Blonde Redhead's frontwoman Kazu Makino transforms the plaintive "Eclipse/Blue" into a particularly pillowy affair, a torrent of the kind of grey and blue sounds that are described in the lyrics. The Toro Y Moi-featuring "Try" and its accompanying "Prelude" are downright lovely; a slow tapestry of summoning synths soon gives way to epic fireworks reminiscent of the intro to M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming. When Chaz Bundick's voice comes in about halfway through "Try", his wispy voice blows beautifully through the music, sounding aloft within the mix.

M83 Hurry Up We Re Dreaming Torrent

As the Red Bull commercial winds down, another voice chimes in: "You can dream about it, or go out and make it happen." A positive attitude if we've ever heard one! That line also pairs nicely with M83's album title, which takes the act of dreaming and puts an urgent action ('hurry up!') in front of it. 076b4e4f54


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