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Alonso Tretyakov
Alonso Tretyakov

[S3E5] Cowboys And Dreamers 'LINK'

And once again, I have to personally admit I get excited whenever these two even think about teaming up - it's very satisfying to see the cowboys and Indians team up against a foe that threatens them both. Plus, Rainwater's so cool, if occasionally megalomaniacal.

[S3E5] Cowboys and Dreamers

Rip and Lloyd ride the fence on their way back, and discover a handful of bison grazing, and a couple of cowboys watching. There are concerns over brucellosis, after all. Rip inquires what's going on and finds a grizzled old cowboy named Wade Morrow who claims to know Dutton from the past. None of it goes too well, with just about everyone drawing their pistols. Colby leans in and tells Rip that the buffalo are going to tear their fence to pieces, and Rip opines that that's point.

"Cowboys and dreamers. Why I fall in love with cowboys and dreamers, I'll never understand," she says, and it almost sounds like it could be something Clara Forsythe might say in Lonesome Dove. It's a good little scene, and a nice character moment for a show that sometimes neglects those. On the way out, the man's son stoically declares that he's going to be a cowboy too. 041b061a72


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