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transition between two clips: beecut video editor comes with a variety of transitions. these transitions are a must-have for any video editing software. apply several transitions to your movies at a go to get more professional results.

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combine two videos to one long clip: beecut lets you merge several clips and videos into one file. for instance, if you want to take a whole show or music video, you can easily merge several clips into one and publish it later. this feature is great when you want to send clips to your friend or upload them to your video sharing site.

add small objects to your videos: have you ever tried to add items to your videos, but the results were not what you expected? perhaps the measurements are wrong, or the format is not compatible. just add a clock or a text to your video and you can get a great visual effect. this feature lets you add small objects to your videos, so why not try it?

match the background: the software lets you add a mosaic effect to your videos which will automatically match the background of your project. if you are interested in creating a unique visual effect for your movie, try this feature.

create a music video: beecut lets you add a variety of film material to your videos. it can give you a powerful background and a stylish look. all you need to do is add audio to it. the program has a large variety of templates to choose from.

the application supports all files from almost any mobile device. you can add background music to the video. it is very easy to do but you should first learn about how it works first. but, this tool is also advantageous for recording and editing videos. according to the user, it is a very useful and simple to use. plus, you can create videos in the shortest time. the application enables users to make videos that look wonderful for online publication. you can also combine videos easily and distribute online videos. this software has an intuitive interface that allows you to create a simple but amazing viewing experience in minutes.


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