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Who Buys Class Rings Near Me BETTER

Class rings are usually made of silver, gold, or another precious metal, which means you may be able to pawn your old class ring or sell it to a jewelry store or online dealer. If your ring is an antique or vintage, you may also be able to find a collector willing to purchase it. However, if the ring is of great sentimental value, you may want to keep it as an heirloom or repurpose it. Below, we detail the different options for what to do with old class rings.

who buys class rings near me

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Sterling silver stamped 999 contains the highest amount (99.9%) of pure silver. Silver stamped 925 is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloys, such as copper and zinc. Most class rings are 925 silver; rings made with this amount of pure silver are typically worth around $15. For more information on the value of 925 silver, see our article on how much 925 silver is worth.

Jostens is an American producer of class rings and other memorabilia. Besides class rings, the company is primarily known for its production of yearbooks. If you plan to sell a Jostens class ring, is the perfect place to get paid the most money. Most Jostens class rings are made of 10K gold and some of 14K gold. Older Jostens class rings can be very heavy and thus very valuable. The company was founded 1897, and in the 20th century, gold was a cheap metal compared to the gold price over the last 10 years. So using more gold for a class ring was not a big deal. Now, owning a heavy Jostens class ring can earn you a big check from our company.

Tell your story with personalized class rings and necklaces from Herff Jones. As the official supplier to your school, only Herff Jones can provide you with an official class ring or necklace that will remind you forever of your cherished memories. What will your ring or necklace say about you? View our online catalog for more information on all of our high school options and try out our RightSizeTM ring sizing app to find your ring size.

With a class ring, you are jumping head-first into school spirit. You will love showing off your rings and comparing them with your classmates. You'll want to wear your ring at the big game, and when you return for homecoming after you graduate.

The tradition began in the 1911-1912 school session when four classes (1911-1914) designed their rings. The ring tradition celebrated 100 years with the 2011 ring. Since the beginning, each class has designed a ring unique to their own class. Today, Virginia Tech is one of only a few schools that redesigns their ring collection each year.

Add high school and college class rings to Martin E. Franklin's portfolio of businesses at Jarden , a deal hungry consumer products company with a portfolio of brands that range from Bicycle playing cards and Yankee Candle to Oster coffee pots, Sunbeam toasters, Coleman tents, Volkl and K2 skis, and Fenwick and Ugly Stik fishing rods.

On Wednesday morning, Jarden said it would buy the parent company of Jostens, a class rings business, for $1.5 billion including debt from a consortium of private equity investors including KKR. The deal, which is priced at a multiple of 7.5 times Jostens adjusted EBITDA, is expected to boost Jarden's gross profits and EBIDTA margins. The business, which also makes yearbooks, caps, gowns and diplomas, will be added to Jarden's Outdoor Solutions business unit. (Jostens made the inaugural College Football Playoff national championship ring)

Academic developed the Buy Class Rings site, pictured below, as a separate web page for class rings. There, you will find information (including pricing) on high school class rings, college, university, corporate, organizational, and sports rings. Academic offers a variety of ways to make it custom with many options. Offering fine styles, metals, side designs, top designs, engravings, finishes, sizes, and stones for you to choose. You can also call us to discuss a group discount for your school class or team, if all the rings are the same style.

Diploma frames may be purchased at the WSU Bookstore. Announcements and class rings may be ordered from Balfour, the official university vendor. Please visit for additional information.

Celebrate the graduate with great deals on class rings. Design a high school class ring with your choice of stone color, engravings and side emblems. Buying the perfect class ring has never been easier. We offer the finest quality high school rings made by ArtCarved and Gold Lance. Select from over 90 class ring styles for men and women. High school rings are available in precious silver, gold and more affordable options such as Siladium and White Lazon.

Since 2005, Joy Jewelers has proudly sold tens of thousands of class rings. We offer low prices, amazing selection, and exceptional customer service. Buying a class ring on campus can be expensive, and no new graduate should have to miss out on such a special piece of jewelry. Buy from Joy Jewelers and save money without sacrificing quality. Every high school class ring ships factory direct. There are many styles to choose from, including a traditional ring, rings with crests, or fashion styles with smaller stones and a thinner profile. We also offer options for home schools, charter schools, and vocational programs. Each ring is handcrafted to order and displays stunning beauty. Make your graduate feel as special as they are to you with one of these stunning class rings.

Dunham Mfg. has over 100 years combined experience in the manufacturing of custom high school class rings. We thank you for the opportunity to be part of your educational experience and hope that we can serve you now and in the future.

Another option, of course, is to put your ring on the auction block: When I recently searched eBay for class rings, it returned thousands of results. Thousands! People were asking anywhere from $.01 for rings made in China to $3,000 for a 125-year-old ring.

19. My boyfriend left. Should I sell the jewelry he gave me? Depends. If you think you will get back together keep them, but if they are a constant reminder of bad memories it is time to sell. Your new boyfriend will not want to see jewelry from the X-boyfriends.20. Do you buy beat up, damaged or mismatched jewelry? Yes.21. Do you buy class rings? Yes, if they are gold or silver.22. Do you buy silver items or flatware? Yes.23. Do you buy old, out of date jewelry? Yes24. I have a loose diamond stone. Will you buy it? Yes, we would be happy to look at it for you.25. Do you buy foreign coins? Yes, if they are gold or silver.26. I have an old gold tooth. The tooth fairy never did show up. Do you buy Dental Gold? Yes. But you better put the money under your pillow.27. I got a gold nugget ring playing poker with my friends. Would you buy it? You better bring it in to see if it is real gold or if your friend gipped you!28. I have some 24 karat gold items. Do you buy them? Yes, you will get a good payday.29. I am 70 years old with 5 daughters. Should I leave the jewelry to my children or sell it? Can you divide your jewelry evenly to prevent squabbles? Will your daughters appreciate your older style jewelry or will they turn around and sell it for cash?30. I have one daughter and two sons. I gave a lot of my jewelry to my daughter. My two sons do not wear jewelry. How do I make them equal gifts? We actually have some cases like this. Often the mother decides to sell some of her jewelry for cash to give to her sons.31. I live 50 miles from your store. I have large diamond rings. Does it make sense for me to drive all the way to your store to sell them? Yes, you deserve a fair evaluation and offer.

The Class Ring Ceremony was held for students to receive their rings on Oct. 6 in the auditorium. Of the 223 juniors who had the opportunity to order class rings, only 26 chose to do so this year. Out of those 26 who ordered, only 9 were present at the ring ceremony.

Students who decide to buy a class ring are able to design it however they want. When class rings were originally created, they were based on seal or signet rings that the ancient Egyptians wore for their whole lives and after their death as well.

Ancient timesBelieve it or not, class rings date back to ancient times! It started in Egypt, where sects wore the same rings to show that they were in a group. From there the Romans picked up the idea; Cleopatra gave Mark Antony a ring, and he liked it so much that he gave similar rings to his Praetorian Guard. This is how the idea spread to the military.

The spring semester is coming to a close, and many UH students are looking to uphold years of tradition by ordering a class ring. For many students, ordering a ring signifies nearing the end of their college career and symbolizes years of hard work. 041b061a72


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