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Alonso Tretyakov
Alonso Tretyakov

Sensei 1.5.4 (102)

As they arrived on Chen's island, Garmadon told the ninja of his previous involvement with Chen and accompanied the fighters inside where he was reunited with his deceitful former master. After everyone was taken to their rooms, Garmadon was thrown out by Clouse as he wasn't invited, but the sensei managed to sneak in as the hunt for the Jadeblades was going on. As he entered into the main hall, he noticed Clouse using his dark magic to prevent Lloyd from grabbing one of the blades and rushed over to stop him. Later, Garmadon joined the Ninja at lunch and urged them not to think about what happens to them when they lose.

Sensei 1.5.4 (102)


The next day, Garmadon and the other elemental fighters took Chen's zeppelin high above the island to be dropped to the center to participate in a manhunt for Nya. Once landing safely on the ground, Garmadon and Lloyd noticed footprints, but the sensei instead decided to follow the Samurai X symbol, as the footprints were decoys. While they were searching for Nya, Garmadon reluctantly revealed to Lloyd the truth about his past with Chen, and his son encouraged to tell Misako the truth about the letter. Not long after nightfall, the two finally came across Nya who revealed that the spell Chen intended to use would turn everyone with the anacondrai symbol into anacondrai. 041b061a72


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