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Cisco 3550 Switch Ios [UPD] Download

The .tar file is an archive file. The upgrade process extracts both the Cisco IOS image and the CMS files from the .tar file. If you want to manage switches or clusters of switches through a web interface, such as HTML, this file is the only file to download.

Cisco 3550 Switch Ios Download

Download File:

Note: All Catalyst 3550 Gigabit Ethernet switches ship with an EMI installation. Catalyst 3550 Fast Ethernet switches ship with either an SMI or EMI installation. You can order the Enhanced Multilayer Software Image Upgrade kit (CD-3550-EMI=) in order to upgrade any Catalyst 3550 Fast Ethernet switch from the SMI to the EMI. However, unless you purchased your 3550 with an EMI image preinstallation, you must purchase the upgrade kit before you download the EMI image.

If you upgrade with use of the CMS image (.tar file), you issue the archive download-sw command. The Step-by-Step Procedure for the 3550 with Use of the CMS Image (.tar File) section of this document fully explains this process.

You must download the 3550 software image onto the PC that acts as the TFTP server prior to the actual image upgrade. Download the software image from the LAN Switches section of Downloads - Switches (registered customers only) . In order to download the software image, you must be a registered user and you must log in. If you do not understand which image to download, see the Prepare to Upgrade section of this document.

Your software upgrade can fail for a number of reasons. For example, IP connectivity problems can exist between the switch and TFTP server, or you can have incorrectly set the boot statements. These issues can cause your switch to boot in the switch: mode. If your 3550 displays the switch: prompt or continuously reboots, refer to this document for software recovery procedures:

I have a switch WS-C3550-24 where the current running IOS image is c3550-i9q3l2-mz.121-11.EA1.bin. I need to upgrade the switch with latest image. since the image version 12.1 is deffered one. Pls suggest which image version and feature can be replaced wiith current image.

I have a 3550-12G switch that I need to upgrade the IOS on to remediate reported vulnerabilites. If I go to IOS download on CCO and select the 12G model, the latest version I see available is 12.2(44)SE6. If I use Ciscoworks SWIM to add an image to the repository, it lists all releases up through 12.2(52)SE. Interestingly enough, if I select the 24DC model (which was supported longer than the 12G), the latest version available is also 12.2(52)SE. The AC powered version of this same switch, like the 12G, is 12.2(44)SE6.

i have got a Cisco 3550-48SMI switch with 12.2(25) IOS running. now i want to upgrade ist, but i cannot download the new images from There is always a messages wich says: you have to follow all the steps: register, log in,....

If you are logged in as guest meaning that you don't have a support contract associated to your CCO (Cisco username) then moslikely that is the reason why you are unable to download any software. If you do have one and still experiencing problems please email 350c69d7ab


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