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Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Malov I'm Not Afraid (Binaryh Remix)

Artist: Malov Remixer: BinaryhTitle: I'm Not AfraidLabel: Androgyne AudioCat: AND14Genre: Melodic TechnoRelease Date: 20/12/2021Buy Link: -not-afraid/3579261Alexander (aka Malov) is an up-and-coming Dj and producer from Russia. His striving for perfection day-by-day, hard-working and experiments gives the ability to craft some unique driving spheres, impulsive vibes, and emotional soundscapes. Malov releases have found homes on some revered labels like Notturna, Black Rose Recordings, and upcoming EP "I'm Not Afraid" on Androgyne Audio including remixes by well-known Binaryh , Dizharmonia, and My Flower. And got nice early support by Oostil, Fat Cosmoe, The Element, Kryder, Far&High, Space Motion, Malandra Jr., Oibaf&Wallen, and others. SoundCloud:@androgyneaudio // @malovalexander // @binaryhCurator: Enrico CherbinoFollow

Malov I'm Not Afraid (Binaryh Remix)




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