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Fixthephoto Orange And Teal LUTs

Download these Free Orange and Teal LUTs in .LOOK and .CUBE formats to start professional color grading of your raw videos fast and easy! The combination of orange and teal-blue colors is sure to diversify your videos. The Orange and Teal LUT is aimed at adding color contrast to videos and is popular among Instagram and YouTube vloggers. Highly recommended for travel and lifestyle videos. Just apply Teal and Orange LUT in Sony Vegas, After Effects CC, Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX and others and see how incredible your footage will look like.

Fixthephoto Orange and Teal LUTs

Orange and teal colors complement each other pretty well and their combination produces striking color contrast along with eye-catching color palette especially on video recorded outdoors. Each free orange and teal LUT in this collection makes the skin look slightly orange, purple and blue colors acquire a teal tone. The highlights maintain a neutral shade, only with a faintly yellow tone and originally neutral colors lean towards more teal tones. Orange and teal LUTs from our set are suitable for the majority videos, especially if your goal is to make them captivating and post online.

The color grading techniques outlined above are no replacement for color correction. Prior to applying orange & teal color grading to your film, make sure to go through the color correction process to adjust the contrast and exposure levels in your footage.

If your footage is calling out for dramatic contrast combined with blockbuster-style color grading, this LUT is perfect! With a simple drag & drop your composition is recast in spectacular shades of teal and orange. Great for intense scenes filled with action.

Of course, orange & teal is just one of many color schemes available to you. There are thousands of LUTs and effects available online to give you ultimate creative control over your next film. If you liked what you learned here, make sure to check out everything MotionArray has to offer. With LUTs, effects, plugins, and more, Motion Array is absolutely jam-packed with every tool you could need for your video masterpiece.

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This Orange and Teal preset does a great job of bringing out the orange and teal colors in photos. This is our unique and powerful take on the popular orange-teal cinematic motif. It has been a long-time favorite among our users, and you will definitely see why in our examples below.

If you want to try the orange and teal look, then the Amber preset is for you. As you can expect, it uses contrasting oranges and blues together with high exposure and sharpness. These help you to give more life to your portraits.

If you want to add a beautiful orange and teal look to your wedding videos, be sure to grab this bundle of LUTs. It features 5 professionally crafted LUTs you can use to add a creative filter that will completely transform the look of your videos. These LUTs are also easily customizable so you can adjust them to match your video footage. 350c69d7ab


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