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The Half Moon Club: A Speakeasy Murder Mystery Party Game Set in the Roaring 20s

How to Write a Murder Mystery Party Script for a 1920s-Themed Party

Are you looking for something unique and fun to do with your friends? Do you love the glamour and intrigue of the Roaring Twenties? If so, why not host a murder mystery party with a 1920s theme? A murder mystery party is a game where you and your guests play different characters involved in a fictional crime. You have to work together to find clues, interrogate suspects, and solve the mystery before time runs out.

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A 1920s-themed murder mystery party is perfect for capturing the spirit of this exciting era. You can dress up as flappers, gangsters, jazz musicians, or bootleggers. You can use 1920s slang and expressions to spice up your dialogue. You can decorate your venue with art deco style and play some swing music in the background.

In this article, we'll show you how to write a murder mystery party script for a 1920s-themed party in four easy steps. You'll learn how to choose your theme and plot, create your characters, write your script, and prepare your materials. By the end of this article, you'll be ready to host an unforgettable night of mystery and fun.

Step 1: Choose Your Theme and Plot

The first step to writing a murder mystery party script is to decide on the theme and plot of your party. The theme is the overall setting, time, and location of your party. The plot is the main murder scenario and the motive for the killer.

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For a 1920s-themed party, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can set your party in a speakeasy, a jazz club, a casino, or a mansion. You can make it during the Prohibition era, the Harlem Renaissance, or the Great Gatsby era.

For example, you could choose to set your party in a speakeasy in Chicago in 1927. The speakeasy is owned by Al Capone, the notorious gangster who controls the illegal liquor trade in the city. One night, during a lavish party, one of Capone's rivals is found dead in the back room with a bullet wound in his chest. The killer is among the guests, but who is it? And why did they do it?

Once you have your theme and plot, you can think of some possible twists and red herrings to keep the guests guessing throughout the party. A twist is an unexpected turn of events that changes the direction of the story or reveals new information. A red herring is a false clue or a misleading piece of information that distracts the guests from the real solution. For example, you could add a twist that reveals that the victim was actually an undercover agent who was investigating Capone's illegal activities. Or you could add a red herring that suggests that the victim was having an affair with Capone's wife, but it turns out to be a lie. The more twists and red herrings you have, the more interesting and challenging your murder mystery party will be. However, make sure that they are not too confusing or contradictory, and that they fit with your theme and plot. Step 2: Create Your Characters

The next step to writing a murder mystery party script is to create your characters. Your characters are the people who are involved in the murder mystery, either as suspects, victims, witnesses, or detectives. You need to give each character a name, a description, a background story, and a secret.

Your characters should be based on your theme and plot, and they should have some connection or relationship to the murder scenario. They should also have some personality traits, quirks, or flaws that make them interesting and memorable.

For example, based on your speakeasy theme and plot, you could create the following characters: - Al Capone: The owner of the speakeasy and the leader of the Chicago Outfit. He is ruthless, charismatic, and paranoid. He is the main suspect in the murder of his rival. His secret is that he suffers from syphilis and is slowly losing his mind. - Mae Capone: The wife of Al Capone and the hostess of the speakeasy. She is beautiful, elegant, and bored. She is unhappy with her marriage and seeks excitement elsewhere. Her secret is that she is secretly in love with one of Capone's men. - Eliot Ness: The leader of the Untouchables, a team of federal agents who are trying to bring down Capone's empire. He is brave, honest, and determined. He is posing as a guest at the speakeasy to gather evidence against Capone. His secret is that he has a gambling addiction and owes money to Capone's rival. - Billie Holiday: A famous jazz singer who performs at the speakeasy. She is talented, charming, and rebellious. She is friends with Capone and his wife, but she also knows some secrets about them. Her secret is that she is addicted to heroin and has been blackmailed by Capone's rival. - Bugs Moran: The victim of the murder and the leader of the North Side Gang. He is ambitious, cunning, and violent. He has been at war with Capone for years over the control of the liquor trade in Chicago. His secret is that he was planning to assassinate Capone at the party.

You can create as many characters as you need for your party, depending on how many guests you have and how complex you want your story to be. However, make sure that each character has a clear role and a reason to be there.

Step 3: Write Your Script

The third step to writing a murder mystery party script is to write your script. Your script is the text that contains the dialogue and narration for each character, as well as the clues and hints for the guests to find and follow throughout the party.

You can write your script in any format that works for you, such as a screenplay, a novel, or a play. However, we recommend using a table format like this: Round Character Dialogue/Narration Clue/Hint --- --- --- --- 1 Narrator Welcome to Al Capone's speakeasy, where anything can happen and nothing is what it seems. Tonight, you are all invited to a lavish party hosted by Al and Mae Capone, the king and queen of Chicago's underworld. But be careful, because there's a killer among you... The guests receive their character sheets and name tags. 1 Al Capone Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to my humble abode! I'm so glad you could all make it tonight! Come on in, make yourselves comfortable! The booze is flowing, the music is playing, and the fun is just about to begin! Al Capone introduces himself and his wife to the guests. He acts friendly and generous, but also suspicious and nervous. 1 Mae Capone Hello there, darlings! You all look so fabulous tonight! I hope you're ready for a swell time! And don't worry about anything else, because what happens in this speakeasy stays in this speakeasy! Mae Capone greets the guests with a smile and a wink. She flirts with some of the male guests, especially Capone's men. She acts bored and restless, but also curious and adventurous. 1 Eliot Ness Good evening, everyone. I'm Eliot Ness, a journalist from the Chicago Tribune. I'm here to write a story about the speakeasy scene and the people who frequent it. I hope you don't mind if I ask you some questions and take some notes. Eliot Ness introduces himself as a journalist, but he is actually an agent who is undercover. He acts polite and professional, but also observant and inquisitive. He tries to blend in with the guests and look for clues. 1 Billie Holiday Hello, sugar. I'm Billie Holiday, the star of the night. I'm here to sing some songs for you and make you feel good. I hope you enjoy my performance and show me some love. Billie Holiday introduces herself as a singer, but she is also a friend of Capone and his wife. She acts confident and charming, but also rebellious and defiant. She knows some secrets about them and their rival, Moran. 1 Bugs Moran Hi there, folks. I'm Bugs Moran, a businessman from New York. I'm here to make a deal with Capone and settle our differences once and for all. I hope we can all get along and have a peaceful night. Bugs Moran introduces himself as a businessman, but he is actually Capone's rival and the leader of the North Side Gang. He acts friendly and cooperative, but also ambitious and cunning. He has a plan to assassinate Capone at the party. 2 Narrator Th


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