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Josef Mengele Doktor Z Auschwitz Pdf High Quality Download

In a 1947 interview given to the Auschwitz Trial Historian of Nazi Doctors, which was published in Die Zeit in 1960, Mengele described the idea of controlling people to do his bidding. "War induced Frauenarzt," he was quoted as saying.

josef mengele doktor z auschwitz pdf download

On May 5, 1942, when he was in Poland studying the city of Lublin, Auschwitz Concentration Camp was opened. It is not known how he discovered this opportunity to fulfill his dream of being a 'scientific Kommandant' at Auschwitz, however he had a profound interest in the study of body morphology and influenced all whom came under his rule. In one of his reports to Heinrich Himmler, Mengele states that using genetic analysis, he determined that there is a strong hereditary component to black-white skin color in northern Europeans, whereas in other races genetic anomalies can be seen.

The Risiko des Lebens und der Genesung bei Polen und Juden (Risk of Life and Recovery from Poland and the Jews) section was on the prevalence of diseases and afflictions in the inhabitants of the Polish territories, and particularly in the ghettos of Warsaw, Lodz, Lublin and Czernowitz. Mengele wrote an eloquent prologue to the section as an analogy to the situation of the Jewish and Polish peoples, using Polish words and Polish grammar and culture (something of which the Germans themselves were not well versed). The section included two hundred and seventy-one paragraphs, which are reproduced in the third part of this volume. The first section, entitled Rassenhygiene in den polnischen Ghettos (Racial Hygiene in the Polish Ghettos), was written by Mengele in August 1944. He had been in the Lublin ghetto since 1941 and in June 1944 was sent to set up a clinical laboratory for the Sonderkommando.


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