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Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Crypt WebGL Demo

Sandra Wand Lost Crypt Dungeon WebGL, is not complete yet prototype wip because $3million requred ressources invest in advance, hard to explain share to improve, else try like demo stage first. Some progress repeated, missing iso standards pc/at, even new hardware fails (bad heat on battery cpu/gpu lag integrations = no iso) trying else device to enable hardware accelerate graphics, share good comments and play it now, free. (this can be changed, refresh level stage again).

Crypt WebGL demo

The export dialog gives you the option to encrypt your scripts with a 256-bitAES key when releasing your project. This will make sure your scripts are notstored in plain text and can not easily be ripped by some script kiddie.

Barcelona, Spain - February 14, 2010 - Unigine Corp. announced support of NVIDIA Tegra 2 / Android-based devices by its advanced Unigine engine. Unigine-powered demos will be demonstrated in NVIDIA booth #1C34 at Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, February 14-17) organized by GSM Association.

An android version of the Unigine engine is showcased by two demos: mystic "Crypt" (a mobile version of Sanctuary benchmark presenting visual excellence) and futuristic "Passage" (an interactive game demo efficiently exploiting multi-core architecture of Tegra 2 chips).

Play a 360 video in equirectangular format with Marzipano. It is possible to switch between different video resolutions. Marzipano does not have any special code to handle 360 video. This demo shows how it can be implemented.

Marzipano allows media to be generated procedurally. This demo displays a multiresolution cube which is generated in such a way. After level 16 (which corresponds to cubefaces of 280 terapixel) it is possible to see issues due to lack of precision in the number types.

Basically CryptoJS is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in JavaScript using best practices and patterns. They are fast, and they have a consistent and simple interface.

ENCHAIN links snappy platforming and hack + slash juggling with fast-paced retro FPS gunplay. Inspired by the competitive fighting genre and Quake, combo and smash the undead into pieces with your lantern hook and punchy arsenal of guns. And, with progression and verticality influenced by Metroidvanias and Dark Souls, tackle a single interconnected world chunk by chunk, retreading old paths and secrets. You are the last corpse that will ever rise from the stone depths, dooming all creation to a ceaseless death. This underworld does not welcome you. Unlock the secrets of the crypt, take back life from your fleshless brethren, and fight your own way out of humanity's tomb.


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